April 19, 2019 @ 1:45 pm
The Coopers Malthouse Mini Merlyn
113 Sturt St
Company 13
MacDeth | Company 13 @ The Coopers Malthouse Mini Merlyn

Company 13’s Macdeth is a cracking updated kid-friendly classic filled with physical comedy and the tastiest morsels of Shakespeare’s prose. Director James Pratt and Company 13’s four accomplished actors have devised a high-intensity, playful and powerful tale of how Macbeth and Lady Macbeth grow greedy enough to kill King Duncan and a few other innocent characters who get in the way of Macbeth and his throne.

Macdeth will blow the dust off your schoolroom Shakespeare and rejuvenate your experience of seeing a true theatre classic. Performed in an immediate, filmic style, it is great for kids and adults who are convinced Shakespeare is going to be unfathomable and boring. Be entertained by the stupidity and skill of Company 13 as they enact the dreadfully bloody tale of Macbeth’s passage from a comfortable nobleman to a despised tyrant.

This piece of fast-paced theatre combines Shakespeare’s rich language with a healthy dose of invention and idiocy, leaving in all the gruesome murder, foul play and pathos; all the injustice and cruelty… all accompanied by beautiful music performed live by the actors.

Funny, cautionary and fake-bloody, Macdeth is aimed at an audience of 8–13-year-old children, but it will be enjoyed by all ages and is a great first taste of Shakespeare.’

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