Comedy of Errors | Melbourne Shakespeare Company

Melbourne Shakespeare Company delivers their most powerful production yet, with Comedy of Errors maintaining the energy and vibrancy of their previous productions and taking it to almost surreal heights.   Jennifer Sarah Dean directs Comedy of Errors, an early...
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Macbeth | Gemco Players

With ghastly onlookers and an inventive use of technology creating the ghostly world of Macbeth, Gemco Players present an interpretation that is both an engaging introduction to Shakespeare and a haunting performance in its own right. With the company partnering with...
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The Tempest | Melbourne Shakespeare Company

Jennifer Sarah Dean’s The Tempest is a fast-paced, energetic blend of contemporary humour and the renaissance that the Melbourne Shakespeare Company has already made their trademark as it comes to life in the beautiful backdrop of the St Kilda Botanical Gardens....
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King Lear | Royal Shakespeare Company

Featuring utterly spectacular design and building on this year’s powerful graduating ensemble, Gregory Doran tells the bleak and tragic tale of King Lear on a scale that is both grand and deep against a backdrop of mania and uncertainty.   The play following two...
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Julius Caesar | Essential Theatre

With an extremely strong all-female ensemble of six actors, Essential Theatre's Julius Caesar manages to be both subjective and direct, presenting a dramatic night of loyalty, uncertainty, betrayal and ambition. Following on from Heartstring's Coriolanus earlier in...

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Macbeth | wit incorporated

In a play in which one of the most famous lines is 'unsex me here,' Jennifer Innes' gender swapped interpretation recreates the bloody world of Macbeth where women battle for their country and their crown as their husbands persuade them to betrayal in whispers.  It...

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Othello | Bell Shakespeare

Othello is a play disturbing in cruelty and otherness that is both archaic and chillingly contemporary. Peter Evan's touring production blurs the dichotomy of the play - seen and unseen, puppeteer and pawn - into a tragedy of isolation and impulse from which no...

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The Winter’s Tale | Class Act Theatre

I’ve always found The Winter’s Tale fascinating, as in Shakespeare’s final years he intermingles comedy with tragedy, switches revenge for redemption and becomes increasingly drawn to a world of magic. It’s an ambitious and often difficult blend, and one that Stephen Lee’s vision expertly brings to life in a evening of suspicion, love and atonement.

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The Tragedy of Coriolanus | Burning House

Along with the growing popularity of the downfall of Coriolanus having some interesting implications of the current social climate, it allows for a thrilling, complex and terrifyingly contemporary tragedy to finally see the light of day. While the play is infamously divisive, having being used as both fascist and communist propaganda, Robert Johnson’s production sticks closer to the text in exploring both the virtuous and the despicable within all characters in a war between public influence and jealous privacy, tyranny and political game-play.

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