April 3, 2018 @ 8:15 pm
The Sub Club
33 Elizabeth St
Richmond VIC 3121
$10.30 - $20.30
Much Ado About Batman | Cockbagg @ The Sub Club | Richmond | Victoria | Australia

When a young prince witnesses his parents being done in a back alley by a troupe of roving minstrels, he sets on a path of revenge that results in him dressing as a bat. Gadzooks!

Years later, King Bruce of ye olde Melbourne town is under siege from nefarious ne’er-do-wells – the Jester, Baron Bane, Lord Two-Race and Lady Cat O’woman who wish to usurp his throne. Disguised as John Batman, he does battle with those who would threaten his rule and family jewels.

The dim knight rises from the cold dead hand of Shakespeare’s quill, in this ye olde English telling of a legend, ‘transcribed’ (rewritten) by those wordsmiths and good writings technicians, The World’s Greatest ActorsTM, Maurice Cock and Belvedere Bagg (COCKBAGG).

Presented live onstage as it should never have been seen before. He is the night. He is vengeance. He is completely deranged!

Performed by Ged Cogley, Jamie McCarney, Mervyn Cafun, Nadine Sparks and CJ Fortuna, Melbourne comedians who have performed locally and abroad, receiving multiple nominations and awards, all while being massive nerds.’

Suitable for ages 18 and up. 7:15pm performances also available on Sundays.



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